Our Locations

We work from a variety of different locations and are constantly finding new spots, so consider this list a work in progress!

All sessions need to be pre-booked.

Otley Bridge

Possibly the most idyllic of our locations. We put in by the pedalo’s and then have about a mile and a half of river to explore.

With slow flowing water, amazing bank side wildlife and tonnes of space this is one of our favourite spots.

Parking on busy weekends can be an issue and rain can cause the river to swell and being a river it can be more exposed to the wind.

All of these combine to make this a less regular spot but if you do want to go out here in the summer months, it’s best to book one of our early morning sessions as at that time parking is a bit easier and the wind a bit lighter.

Apperley Bridge Marina

Recently this has become our go to spot. Flat water, no wind and a great cafe!

Access is really easy as we paddle in and around the canal barges.

A great spot for your first taste of SUP as the easy conditions mean that progression is guaranteed.

Canals are generally a more reliable option as they were deliberately built out of the wind.

This is perfect for us as it means one less thing to worry about when you’re still getting your sea legs.

Rodley Canal

Another great spot this time a bit closer towards Leeds Central.

Again we’re on the canal with all the same advantages to be found at Apperley. Parking is a doddle and the surroundings are beautiful.

We also have the option from here to paddle all the way to Apperley Bridge if we choose, passing several great little cafes on the way.

In all honesty we could paddle all the way to Liverpool but I think that might be a bit much for your first trip!