Paddleboard & Weight Loss Experience

Join us for a weekend where you’ll get to experience true health, lose kilos and get a load of Stand Up Paddling done.

Most weight loss programs have you crammed into a gym or doing bootcamp style workouts, but did you know that Paddleboarding is one of the best weight loss exercises you can do?

Over the course of this weekend we’ll tell you why and you’ll experience it for yourself.

With 4 sessions of Paddleboarding and all your food included you’ll leave the weekend having lost a load of weight and with a clear road plan for how to keep losing it and you’ll be a much better, more confident paddler able to take yourself out whenever you like. 

Believe me after this weekend you’ll be hooked, you’ll feel great and you’ll have a sport which can really support your weight loss going forward.

We won’t just be telling you what to eat and what you should you be doing to feel and look amazing…you’ll actually be doing it. 

We all know that correct nutrition is essential for effective weight loss so all your food is included and will be prepared to our exacting standards by our chef, so you’ll be melting weight from breakfast of the first day.

We’ll educate you as to why we do what we do and how you can get great results and then actually allow you to experience these results for yourself. 

We’ll prepare all your meals for you, show you how to recover MUCH faster after a day on the water, how to banish those aches, pains and niggles, walk you through all the little changes to make which have big results and then take you Paddleboarding. 

Why Paddleboarding?

Simple, it’s one of THE best exercises to melt fat. There are various reasons for this all of which we’ll explain to you over the course of the weekend and which you’ll see for yourself as your waistline shrinks. 

All this without ever having to lift a finger. 

  • No meal prep, 
  • No shopping, 
  • No planning your day,
  • No worrying if you’re eating the right thing,
  • No worrying if the conditions on the water will be right for you.

Just lie back and let us take care of it all so that by the end of the weekend you feel and look amazing, but also have the knowledge to understand what you need to do to stay that way. You’ll also be a fully independent paddler able to take yourself out whenever you like in complete confidence (but you’ll also have built up a network of like minded people who’ll come and do it with you!).

What you’ll get:

  • Food provided for the entire weekend
  • Mobility and posture analysis and a personalised plan to clear up all your aches and pains so they don’t stop you getting out on the water
  • All the recipes, shopping lists etc of all the food you’ve been eating and a complete plan which will allow you to hit your goals easily in the weeks and months after.
  • 4 Paddlesurf sessions (lasting 60-90 minutes) at various locations all within easy reach of our base point.


£120 per person.


No experience of paddlesurfing needed as we’ll teach you if you’ve never done it before.


The experience will take place at Bannatynes Gym in Cookridge. If you have a car please bring it as we’ll be travelling to various locations. If you haven’t got access to a vehicle just let us know when you’re booking so we can check we’ve got enough seats available.




The course starts at 8am on Saturday morning and we should be finished by 8pm on the Saturday night, Sunday we start at 8am and should be finished by 6pm.