Your Instructor

After leaving the Royal Marines, Sam embarked in a career dedicated to all things outdoors. His travels led him to the Southern tip of Spain where he started teaching kitesurfing. What started as a hobby to earn som pocket money, led to him building one of the worlds premier kitesurfing holiday companies.

With the collapse of the holiday industry in 2019 he decided to move back home to Yorkshire, where he fell in love once again with the rivers and lakes of his home county.

He’d been teaching Stand up Paddleboarding as the “no wind” option as part of his kitesurfing holidays for years and so when, on a trip to the wilds of Scotland, he bumped in to his old friend and owner of Paddlesurf Scotland, Matt Gambles, the idea was floated of setting up Paddlesurf Yorkshire and he jumped at the chance…and here we are.

Sam has been teaching watersports for 22 years and Stand up Paddleboarding since the sport first started so if anyone has the experience to teach you everything you need to know…he does.