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Start Your Paddleboarding Day Right: My Personal Breakfast Recipe for Sustained Energy!

One question often asked is, “What’s the perfect breakfast before hitting the water?”

Sticking to my principle of embracing a diverse diet (to ensure I get the wide range of nutrients), I love mixing up my meals. Yet, there are a few favourites I regularly return to, and today, I’m going to share one of these with you.

Why is this recipe perfect for SUP enthusiasts? It’s not just quick to prepare, ideal for those early morning paddles. It’s also light and easy to digest, ensuring you can maintain your balance on the board without feeling weighed down. It’s packed with polyphenols (your gut will thank you after those paddle-intensive sessions!), and it’s gentle on your blood sugar levels. This means no mid-morning energy crashes, just sustained, clean energy, and minimal hunger all the way till your post-paddle lunch.

The Morning Berry Bowl

* 45 grams of pearl barley (soaked overnight in 150 ml of unsweetened hazelnut milk) – slow-release energy for those long paddles.
* 2 tbsp of chia seeds (also soaked overnight with the barley)
* 300g of organic raspberries (frozen works great) – refreshing and great for recovery. (yes that’s a lot of berries!)
* 3 organic cherries
* A handful of hazelnuts
* A handful of pistachio nuts
* A handful of ground flax or linseed
* 2 Brazil nuts
* 1 medium greenish banana – keeps the cramps at bay.
* 2 tsp of organic, flavourless whey protein – helps with muscle recovery.
* 100ml of organic, flavourless kefir
* 1 tsp of organic pomegranate powder
* 1 tsp of organic sunflower lecithin

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. If you’re using frozen berries, give it a quick blend for that creamy, smoothie-like texture. On those cooler mornings, I pair it with a warm cup of tea to balance the temperature – perfect before a chilly paddle.

I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts on this recipe. And if you’re up for it, why not share your own pre-paddle breakfast favourite? Let’s inspire each other with delicious, healthy fuel for our SUP adventures!

Keep paddling,

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